Tychi Systems Inc.

Tychi Systems Inc. was founded in 2002, incorporated in the State of New Hampshire and is privately held. Its headquarters are located in a modern industrial park in Salem, New Hampshire.

The founders, including two brothers, Sheng B. Deng and Sheng Y. Deng, and Kwong Kit Wong, bring a top level of software and hardware engineering skills honed by a decade of diverse experiences at technology companies. Combining their analytical and development skills, this team identified the growing interest in biometrics and designed the trend-setting BioKnob as their first product.

Tychi System's mission is to bring world-class biometric technology to the consumer. We are the first company to design biometric products specifically for the home and small business owner starting from a clean drawing board. The products are not adapted from military or government experiments. or from complex corporate systems. Starting with knowledge of the most advanced biometric technology, Tychi Systems analyzed needs of the cost-conscious consumer whitin the home and business environment and applied the technology in a refreshingly simple and functional manner. Having both the technology access afforded by its location in the Boston area and direct connections to the highest quality manufacturing resources in China, Tychi Systems benefits from an optimal combination of global teamwork.

The BioKnob™ is a spectacular first product from the design team of Tychi Systems, leap frogging all other fingerprint-activated door locks on the market in terms of form and function. See details in the Product Section.

Because biometric devices require the combination of technologies in several diverse fields, including biometric sensors, pattern recognition algorithms, embedded firmware, mechanical engineering and industrial design, Tychi Systems has secured world class sources for critical components as part of its strategic plan. Further, the company has direct access to reliable manufacturing facilities in China.

BioKnob™ Applications