This beautifully crafted fingerprint entry system embedded in an architectural solid rock sculpture presents spectacular scenery to the offices and homes.

Developed by Tychi Systems of Salem, New Hampshire, the BioDelex Series™ can be interfaced with electromagnetic locks and other third party locking devices. A wall mounted version also available for easy installation. Programming is performed at the lock with a single point of enrollment and two levels of administrative management. To gain access you simply brush your finger across the sensor and open or dial in the untraceable pass code.

The BioDelex Series™ is a biometric door lock system with a fingerprint sensor located at the center of the door knob. A LCD display and key pad provide access to the programming functions. A 120 degrees microware motion sensor is mounted on top of the door to detect direct access to the door from inside. An electromagnetic lock controlled by BioFlex™ provides up to 1100 lbs holding forces. All components of the system are encased and hidden inside the building structure. The System is powered by 110VAC and with backup power in case of power outage. 

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