The BioFire™ is a biometric door lock featuring the same advanced, breathrough technology as its sister locks, the BioKnob™ and BioLeverô but offers an attractive lever handle instead of a knob. It is thereby approved for installation where ADA conformance is required for the disabled.

It retains the same small footprint that allows it to be inserted into the typical cutouts for standard door latches. At the pivot of the outside lever is a tiny sensor that converts then registers the thermal pattern of users' thumb or fingerprint. Up to 1000 users can have their fingerprints enrolled in the BioFire for entry.

Ordering the BioFire requires specifying either a left or right hand lever. Facing the door from the outside, the side of the hinge is the choice, i.e. if hinge is on the left, you want a Left-handed BioFire.Unobtrusive buttons and a small display allow all programming and settings to be done at the lock with no external wiring or computer needed. See details under BioFire Description.





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