The Flex series™ heralds a new generation of door locking systems featuring advanced interchangeable technology in an attractive and affordable form. Developed in America, the Flex Series fits any door in your office or your home.

Designed and tested as a grade 2 stanard duty deadlatch or deadbolt lock, the Flex Series adjustable for 2 3/8" (60mm) or 2 3/4" (70mm) backset, features a solid thumbturn  for convenience and eliminates the need of knobs or levers. when it's configured as a deadbolt keyed locking, metal solid gears will be engaged with a 0.825" (20mm) x 2 1/2" (64mm) reinforced frame to protect against wrenching the thumbturn.  The Flex Series™ deadbolt offers a larger standard deadbolt diameter with three stainless steel reinforcer screws to protect against kick-in attacks. We stand behind the durability with a 10 year mechanical warranty.

The Flex series is a keyed or keyless door lock system with a thumbturn located at the center of both sides of the door lock. Within its smooth exterior and elegant design, the Flex series comes with four models, the traditional keyed deadbolt, the keyed dead latch, the privacy deadbolt and the privacy deadlatch. A deadlatch can be interchangeable to a deadbolt for additional security.

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